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Gallery Update: Photoshoots

Gallery Update: Photoshoots

Various missing photoshoots featuring Diana have been added to the gallery! Check out the stunning photos below!

Diana for The New York Times

Diana for The New York Times

From Instagram to 5,000 Theaters: Diana Silvers on ‘Ma’ and ‘Booksmart’

The 21-year-old actress suddenly finds herself being noticed by women she had long admired. “Taylor Swift has seen my face. Cool! Sick!”

NY TIMES – Diana Silvers has been seen in just three movies in her short career, but she has quickly ascended from a bit part in the superhero thriller “Glass” earlier this year to major roles putting her on thousands of screens this weekend: she plays a high school love interest in the female-centric comedy “Booksmart,” and the main teenager menaced by Octavia Spencer’s psycho in the horror tale “Ma.”

The name Diana Silvers may suggest a golden age of Hollywood starlet, but she is as au courant as they come. Discovered as a model on Instagram, she’s beginning her film career in the #MeToo era. “I feel lucky to be entering the industry at this time because people are being held accountable,” the 21-year-old said over orange juice at a downtown Manhattan hotel recently. “I just feel safe. I’m not anxious about anything, except maybe saying something stupid in an interview. And so far, I’ve been extremely lucky.”
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Diana is the Breakout Star of the Summer

Diana Silvers Is the Breakout Star of the Summer

Meet the mean girl of Booksmart and the good girl from Ma.

ELLE – In December 2017, disaster struck Ojai, California. The state’s largest wildfire on record ravaged the community, ultimately destroying 273,400 acres of land across two counties. Homegrown heroine Diana Silvers was roughly 2,800 miles away, tracking the devastation from a New York University seminar, a class titled “Central Problems in Philosophy.” She was 20 years old, and her father’s house was in the direct path of the blaze. (“The fire was a big climate change wake-up call,” she says.) As she watched its progression in real time, her East Coast classmates intellectualized the tragedy. She remembers one girl saying, “If something burns to the ground, the particles are still there, so technically it still remains.” She found their responses to be disorientingly out-of-touch. Her father was still inside the house.

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